Regional HR Services for Education 
Supporting leaders and educators so that you can focus on children and young people  
We know the challenges arising from the increasing demands, and decreasing resources that schools face. Our specialist support service is used by regional schools and Academy Trusts to ensure that their people and HR services provide agile, modern and commercial support. This enables trust senior leaders and leaders in schools to focus on finding and keeping the best educators, which their children need and deserve. 
This specialist regional service has been developed by Humber HR People from a team that lives, work and are parents and volunteers with MATs in the region. We are invested in the future of our young people.  
We offer a range of solutions: 
Growth HR Audita thorough benchmark of Trust HR and people practices and report for the Board including review of contracts and policies 
Support with Strategic People Planworking with SLTs to identify key strategies to support schools and assess risk against operational needs 
Employee Relationssupport from a pre-legal employment law team on specific employee matters and concerns 
Training, Coaching and Mentoring working with HR colleagues, school business and office managers, which includes being a "sounding board" 
On-Demand HRoutsourced HR and recruitment administration that is fast, efficient and effective 
HR Information Systems review, implementation and ongoing support for upgrading and/or renewing software that enables you to manage people, not paper and monitor key people metrics, such as absence. Connect data to make more informed decisions on strategy, and to provide required data to external and regulatory bodies on organisational performance
Our flexible, regional service works closely with key partners in MATs, particularly finance, governance, and CEOs to succeed in delivering excellence in education for all children.  
Want to discuss what would work for you? 
We offer a complimentary initial one-hour meeting to discuss your requirements and always provide a written proposal. 
Email or call us on 01482 738447 or 01652 240 619 to schedule a chat. 
Supporting Schools in our Region 
In addition, as a team of business and HR professionals we've done plenty of recruitment, for hundreds of different professions, for organisations across lots of sectors. We have come together to offer this experience on a voluntary basis via our Supporting Schools initiative. Supporting Schools is a program of voluntary hours made available to schools, colleages and multi-academy trusts.  
We support events aimed to provide students with valuable insights into various professions, help them navigate career choices, and prepare them for the ever-evolving job market. Supporting Schools offers up to 8 pro-bono hours per month to support careers education, information, advice and guidance.More information: 
If you have a careers event planned and would like to request support, email  
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