Growth HR Model® 

 What is the Growth HR Model®?  The Growth HR Model® is a proven process that results in a happier, healthier workforce and boosts profitability.  It was developed by Humber HR People after analysing the work we have done, and the impact made over the past 5 years with over 100 small to medium-sized organisations.  Why did we develop the Growth HR Model®?  To provide transparency to our clients around the work we do Illustrate this in an easy-to-understand one-page visual. A roadmap for the HR Journey of your organisation To provide a clear and audited measure of progress  What does it mean to you?  Use the Growth HR Model® as a guide to good HR practice. Stay in control of your HR journey and what you need to focus on to support organisational objectives.  Identify priorities for your organisation and drive measurable progress forward in that area. Use the roadmap to communicate those priorities to your managers. Achieve Audited Status to demonstrate your commitment to people for your employees and your customers.  How does it work?  The Growth HR Model® guides your organisation through 6 core elements of good HR practice and compliance.  All these core elements contribute towards positive company culture, which studies prove results in a more engaged workforce and higher productivity as outlined in the UK Government’s Good Work Plan 2018.  The Growth HR Model® 6 elements are:   Compliance Organisational Strategy Compensation and Benefits Recruitment and Onboarding People Management Resource Strategy  An audit score for each element is provided at the beginning of our work to provide you with measurable return on your investment in HR. From there, we work with you to create a bespoke HR Plan.   If you want to demonstrate your commitment to your employees even futher, you can work towards the Growth HR standard. There are 3 levels of the standard and depending on organisational objectives, you can aim to achieve one, two, or all three levels. For each level, we work on all 6 core elements of the Growth HR Model®.  Fair Employer Standard – Level 1  This means that your organisation is compliant with UK employment law and best practices as set out by ACAS.  Good Employer Standard – Level 2 This means that your organisation operates HR best practices to enable it to compete as an employer of choice. This standard is in line with the people requirements of ISO 9001.  Growth Employer Standard – Level 3 This means your organisation has enhanced and sustained HR practices embedded for the next stage of growth.  Achieving the audit standard means your organisation becomes either a Fair Employer, Good Employer or Growth Employer certified. This demonstrates a commitment to people for your employees, candidates, stakeholders, and your customers.  

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