HR Recruitment & Talent Acquisition 

We offer both standard HR recruitment and talent acquisiton services. Click the buttons below to find out more. 

HR Recruitment 

We get to the heart of the level of HR support you need and through our extensive network of businesses and HR professionals. We are true consultants, taking the time to understand what your business needs and what is right for you. 
We come with a combined 15 years’ experience recruiting all levels of HR professionals. We know what great, positive, effective HR looks like, because we are HR People. 
We provide Full Time, Part Time and Interim solutions depending on your HR needs. 

You can trust Humber HR People to: 

Provide end to end HR Recruitment Campaigns 

From telephone screening and interviewing candidates to understand their drivers, to managing background checks and delivering the final offer of employment. We are here to manage this all for you. We know what great HR looks like - because we are HR People.  

Understand your needs 

We recognise that your business and is unique, so we spend time with key stakeholders to understand what you do and the way you do it. This enables us to find the best possible candidate in the market who are not just technically capable and experienced, but fit your team.  

Share our extensive knowledge 

We are in the privileged position of engaging with businesses and speaking to HR candidates every day of the week. As we do this, we are able to collate real-time market knowledge which we can share with you, to help you define your offer against the job market. 

Conduct an in depth talent search 

We leverage our far-reaching network to find you the best talent in HR, L&D and Recruitment based on your business needs, including tapping into industry networks, professional association members as well as leveraging advertising when appropriate. in 2019, 90% of our succesful hires came through our own network.  

Talent as a Service (TaaS) 

Humber HR People’s Talent Acquisition Service – TaaS - supports organisations  
to recruit the staff they need without the need for expensive agency fees.  
TaaS is suitable for attracting and recruiting for specialist roles, senior positions, apprentices, graduates or just that job that you have been meaning to sort for ages, but haven't got round to yet. Our service offers you access to effective, low cost, simple processes for hiring, and while we are at it, we will help upskill your own team - coaching and training in hiring, interview techniques, and profiling tools and looking at longer term talent planning.  
All this working alongside you, in your environment, which means we get to know you are your business and can advise personally what regional networks to plug into for your next talent! 
Talent as a Service is suitable for business who don’t have the time, experience or enough internal resources to carry out effective recruitment but for whom the traditional agency model isn’t suitable - TaaS is a cost-effective and high-resource alternative.  

  Humber HR’s TaaS is unique because we: 

Our team have 25+ years UK and International Recruitment Experience, backed by solid HR practice and employment law knowledge, which protects your business 
We already have extensive networks in the Humber region so we can save time in reaching potential talent 
We have commercial acumen to work across multiple disciplines - at both operational level and management/executive level 
We offer in-depth psychometric testing as part of our service using the Accredited PPA/DISC Profiling Tool which help support your hiring decisions 
We are fast - AVERAGE TIME TO HIRE for operational roles is just 9.5 days from initial brief to offer accept 
We do things right, first time - SUCCESS RATE since launch of our TAAS Service is 100% - that means 100% of the people we have hired for our clients are still in post  
We give value for money - AVERAGE COST slashed to 50% of traditional agency fees - this can be reduced even further with our retained service 
We work exclusively with one sector at a time: this means if we partner with you, we will not undertake TAAS work with your direct competitors for the duration of our partnership to avoid any conflict of interest  
TaaS is a cost-effective and high-resource alternative to traditional recruitment agencies - taking the stress off internal hiring managers and HR. 
Here are some recent examples of TaaS in action. 
Humber HR People worked on a two-day project to source and attract more candidates, using our in-depth networks and specialist headhunting techniques. We presented two candidates to supplement Victoria Plum’s own shortlist and advised on some of the direct applicants’ suitability. Both our recommended candidates were offered a second interview and one was hired within a 10-day period. 
“ We can source candidates ourselves for our vacancies, but we sometimes lack the time and experience to shortlist. We had 144 applications for our most recent marketing vacancy. Kate from Humber HR narrowed this down to a Top 20, and then shortlisted via telephone interviews to the Top 10, providing a list of recommendations. The number 1 candidate turned out to be mine, too – the process was easy, saved time and was cost effective against the traditional options of using a recruitment agent who charges a fee. I would definitely recommend the Talent Service from Humber HR People to any organisation looking for expert recruitment support.” 
The company didn’t have a formal job description, or access to be able to easily benchmark to know what they should pay. They also wanted to understand what the best route to hire would be. Humber HR assisted with the talent plan, produced the job description from our library, benchmarked the role in the local market and advised on how to understand their target talent pool and put in place good practice and solid plans for their own hiring. 

What’s Involved? 

You will be appointed an experienced Consultant, who specialises in recruitment and talent attraction, who will take the time to understand how you work and tailor TaaS to meet your unique needs. 
Stage 1 
We will review your current recruitment and hiring needs, looking at urgent/important roles first, reviewing current recruitment activity, if any and it’s effectiveness. This meeting will be arranged over a Zoom, Skype, Facetime or alternatively a phone call with our set recruitment diagnostic questions. 
Stage 2 
Your TaaS Consultant will identify an action plan to support you to hire the person you need. This will be emailed back to you with dates booked in for specific recruitment tasks and activity and outcomes defined. If, during the initial project period other issues arise or tasks are identified, these can be added to the tasks, and additional fees and timescales agreed. 

The Cost 

Our TaaS Service for a one-off recruitment project is £2250 + VAT – this is 30 hours work from a qualified and experienced consultant which is normally enough for mid-level hire. Once the project has commenced, additional hours will be be charged at the rate of £75 per hour plus VAT. 
TaaS is also available as a monthly subscription service. This is the same, face to face support for hiring based on 30 hours per month of support. The cost of this service is £2000 + VAT per month with a minimum contract of 6 months.  
You will recieve a monthly statement of hours used, and hours can be banked and rolled over so that you remain on control and can call us for hiring, interviewing, shortlisting, psychometric testing using Thomas International DISC/PPA, benchmaking salaries, interview training or talent planning acitivities when you need us 
Once the contracts are in place, you also have also the option to upgrade this service to our HR Consultancy Service if required covering all aspects of attracting, retaining, engaging, and developing your people. 
Contact us to find out more about how we can help 
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