Management Development - First Line Management 

Have you ever heard the saying "Management is the only role you are promoted into for being good at something else"? 
Often it's managers themselves that need support to become the very best they can be.  
The toughest transition is often from expert into management for the first time. We can help you know where to begin.  
We are here to support your managers to unlock the potential in your people - whenever and wherever they work. 
We run external management workshops and bespoke internal programs to coach managers to be authentic, open, honest and lead with energy. 

Developing Managers 

Our qualified and experienced Management Development specialists can help you get the 
best from your people and boost the bottom line. 
We can help if your organisation: 
Is a small business with ambitious growth plans? 
Has an established management team, facing a period of upheaval and change? 
Looking to boost the confidence and capability of your managers? 
Has recently promoted managers, looking to develop their skill and expertise in getting the very best from their team? 
Or maybe as a manager yourself, you are looking for effective one to one coaching? 
Our external first line management workshops run monthly as hybrid events - you have the option to attend in person or online.  
More details and upcoming dates are available from 

Effective Managers  

We can provide the tools to enable you to visualise your team’s capabilities, build trust and accountability and boost performance. 
We offer different approaches to understanding the traits and skills of your current and potential managers and their teams to enable you to manage your talent and plan ahead. 

Positive Company Culture  

Creating a positive culture can set you apart from your competitors. 
Business owners work with us and invest time in building a culture that creates high performing teams and focus a on becoming an employer of choice, leveraging productivity and engagement 
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