HR queries can vary depending on the organisation and its specific policies, but here are 8 common questions that we frequently come across. 
1. I am hiring my first employee, what do I need to put in their contract? 
Employee contracts should include essential terms and conditions of employment, such as job role, pay, working hours, and notice periods. You should provide a new starter with a contract by their first day of employment. 
2. What are the minimum wage requirements in the UK? 
You can pay your employees what you like, as long as you at least meet the UK minimum wage rates. The minimum wage varies depending on age and whether the individual is an apprentice, and this is updated every April so it is one to review regularly! 
3. How many days of annual leave do I need to give employees? 
Employees in the UK are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holidays per year, this is including bank holidays. This can be pro-rated for employees not on a full-time contract. 
4. Do I have to say yes to a flexible working request? 
Employees with at least 26 weeks of continuous service have the legal right to request flexible working arrangements, such as part-time hours or remote work. Employers must consider these requests reasonably, following a formal process and providing valid reasons for any refusals (a valid reason is not ‘because I don’t agree with working from home’) 
5. How do I manage the performance of my employees? 
Starting as you mean to go on from day one is key. You need to establish clear expectations, provide regular feedback, offer training and support where needed, and follow fair and transparent procedures. Regular performance reviews should be conducted to discuss progress, address any issues, and set objectives collaboratively. 
6. How to create a good workplace culture? 
One person cannot create or maintain a good workplace culture; your culture is who you are as an organisation, and how you treat your people. Focus on fostering open communication, promoting diversity and inclusion, providing development opportunities, recognising and rewarding achievements, and ensuring consistent treatment for all. 
7. How do I handle a disciplinary situation? 
Firstly, you should have a clear disciplinary policy in place, outlining the steps to be followed throughout the process. This should be fair, and transparent, in line with the ACAS Code of Practice. You should start by conducting a thorough investigation, ensuring fairness and confidentiality throughout the process. Provide the employee with clear details of the allegations, allowing them to respond and present their case. Consider any mitigating circumstances and evidence before reaching a decision. Offer the right to appeal and maintain open communication throughout. 
8. It is not working out with an employee, how do I terminate a contract? 
Terminating an employee's contract should be approached with care and in line with employment law. This may involve providing notice, and ensuring that termination reasons are lawful and justified to mitigate the risk of unfair dismissal claims. It is always best to seek external advice if you do not have an internal HR team. 
These are only some of the most common HR queries we come across. If you would like to discuss these or any other issue in more detail please get in touch.  
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