People Management is one of the 6 elements of our Growth HR Model™ and is the one area, after compliance, where most small businesses can really boost their productivity and bottom line. 
Ensuring that your people have clear performance expectations, and providing regular and honest feedback is crucial to organisational success. Great managers know that rewarding, recognising, and valuing high-performing people, and addressing performance issues quickly, is one of the cornerstones of a great culture. 
Humber HR People can help with: 
People Management practices that are bespoke, and relevant to your organisation. Managing a team of remote construction workers is very different to managing a team of finance people 
Coaching managers (especially first-time managers) on communication, encouraging regular, open, and honest communication with their teams. We also coach managers on having challenging or difficult conversations, which let’s face it, nobody looks forward to, but is an essential part of managing people. We also work on conflict management, resolving issues promptly and fairly 
We’ve worked with several SMEs to put in place a continuous feedback approach, an update on the old annual appraisal. Regular feedback allows you to continuously assess and refine your people management practices based on feedback from employees and evolving organisational needs. 
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