As you probably already know, the candidate market is tough. The availability of skills is the top business concern for UK business leaders at 79%*. Organisations must work harder to identify, nurture and retain the right skills for the continually evolving digital age. Based on our 20+ years of experience, here is your 6-Step guide to better recruitment: 
1. Consistency. Effective Recruitment is a consistent activity. You can pick it up and put it down, but you will need to add a few of hours of dedicated time every week to make it work. Gone are the days when you could start from scratch and directly hire great people in a week or less. You need to plan and take small, regular steps to attract your future star employees. Make these actions someone’s’ job. Or, if you don't have in-house resource, find a great external partner to carry out this activity for you regularly, on a retained basis. 
2. Visibility. As a minimum, you need a company LinkedIn Page and your company website needs careers or jobs page on it. According to recent research, 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine. Your potential employees are no different – even if they have heard of your business, they will google you before they apply. Make sure your online footprint is visible and gives an honest and positive portrayal of your business – this includes Google Reviews, Feefo and Glassdoor. 
3. Build a Community. Identify your future employees – what do they read? Where do they hang out? What are their interests? Build a platform – on social media, on your own website, or in person as regular meet ups – and invite them along. Keep in touch with them every now and again, discuss what you are doing as a business, and let them know what career opportunities you will have in future. Create your own ready-made talent pool. 
4. Know what you want. A badly executed recruitment plan will undo all the good work you put into finding candidates in the first place. The number one compliant from candidates is lack of feedback. Make sure your operational plan (business plan) is aligned with your people plan. That way, you will be able to identify the gaps in your team in advance and define the role(s) you are recruiting, who is the hiring manager, and the process. Don’t let sloppy recruitment ruin your company’s brand and reputation. Candidates are customers too. 
5. Nail the interview. Effective interviews get to the heart of the person in front of you fast. Building in the right questions for your business, and ask them in the right order. Interviewing is a skill. If you haven’t interviewed before, get yourself online, or get some coaching before you start or email for our latest interviewing guide.  
6. Get your offers accepted – first time. Understand that there are moments of truth during the recruitment process where a deal can be made or broken. Talk about money and the package you have to offer early on – don’t waste your or candidates’ time if expectations are unrealistic. Don’t forget to compare benefits too – money isn’t always the main motivator; you might find that 2 extra days’ holiday or a free car parking space can win your ideal employee over. 
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