By Kellie Calvert MCIPD - Director of HR, Humber HR People 
Company culture is the driving force that makes your employees return day after day, feeling motivated and enthused, and increasing your productivity. To get a return from your biggest asset doesn’t have to be complicated, below are five tips that can get you on the right track: 
1. Give employees a link to understand how they contribute to business goals… make sure you have leaders in place that will take the time to get to know your employees and understand their personal goals and align them with business goals. One of the keys to unlocking a motivational environment is to understand how being successful at work can be one of the vehicles and enablers in helping employees realise their own goals. The moment we create the bridge in their mind, the link between their personal goals, business goals and what they do daily during work, is when self-motivation kicks in. 
2. Make sure employee wellbeing in on your agenda… Employees need to be on your business agenda and the health and wellbeing of your employees should be an integral part of any HR/business strategy. Individuals are not just looking for the highest salary or the most significant bonus on offer; they're looking for companies that can help them achieve a work-life balance, and leaders who care about what's going on inside as well as outside. It’s quite simple, to give your best, you must be at your best. 
3. Define what success looks like… If you asked your employees what excellent performance looks like, feels like and acts like in their role, from both a behavioural and numerical perspective, how aligned would their answer be with your version? There should be only one version of the truth, which everyone understands. 
4. Enable your employees… Empowerment is an overused word that means little without enablement. Having one without the other is simply a train crash. If you really want to empower employees, you must do more than just accede authority and control; you have to help employees manage their new autonomy. Enablement is a strategic view of leadership that builds enabling structures, cultures and habits to support and develop others to become effective, self-autonomous individuals who are full of ideas, innovation and drive that creates competitive edge for the business 
5. Make your company brand work for you… Job satisfaction is driven by far more than financial factors such as salary and benefits, what you offer must be the right blend of monetary and non-monetary rewards and your employee value proposition (EVP) is the balance of these rewards and benefits received by your employees in return for the skills, capabilities, experiences and performance they bring to your organisation. 
The success of any business is hardwired to the productivity of its people. Organisations that consider people as merely a paid resource have difficulty retaining high performers and generally end up overpopulated with underperformers. Businesses that value people as their greatest asset and demonstrate it through their actions are positioned to get the best out of all employees while retaining their top talent and high potential. 
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