What is the best HR fit for your business? 
Finding the Best Fit for Your Organisation 
In today's dynamic business environment, organisations have diverse options for accessing human resources (HR) expertise. Two popular alternatives are the UK National Providers call centre-based HR advisory services, such as Peninsula or Citation, and locally based HR consultancies. 
While both provide HR solutions, they differ significantly in service delivery, personalisation, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. This article aims to explore these distinctions, highlighting that locally based HR consultancy services can also offer telephone-based support and HR software, providing a well-rounded approach to meeting HR needs. 
Remote Call Centre-Based HR Services 
Remote call centre-based HR services have gained traction due to their affordability and scalability. Third-party companies specialising in HR handle inquiries and support remotely, allowing businesses to streamline processes, reduce costs, and access 24/7 support. 
These companies excel at efficiently handling a high volume of routine inquiries, such as employee queries, payroll assistance, and benefits administration. However, it's important to note that these services primarily focus on transactional tasks and may lack the personalised touch required for complex HR matters or strategic decision-making, or to coach managers through trickier meetings. 
A Locally Based HR Consultancy 
A locally based HR consultancy offers personalised and comprehensive HR management. These consultancies, staffed with experienced HR professionals, work closely with organisations to understand their unique needs, culture, and objectives. While they maintain a physical presence, they can also provide telephone-based support and offer HR software solutions if required. 
One of the key advantages of a locally based HR consultancy is their ability to provide customised solutions tailored to the organisation's goals. They offer expertise in talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and organisational development. This level of personalisation fosters strong relationships, and employee engagement, and ensures HR practices align with the company's values. 
Moreover, locally based HR consultants often possess a deep understanding of local market dynamics. This knowledge is invaluable for navigating complex legal requirements, ensuring compliance, and managing employee relations effectively. They may offer telephone-based support, allowing organisations to reach out and receive prompt assistance from a dedicated HR expert when needed. 
In addition, some locally based HR consultancies recognise the importance of HR software in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency and will be partners with HR Software firms. They can provide access to user-friendly and customizable HR software solutions, enabling organisations to automate tasks, track employee data, manage performance, and generate insightful reports. 
When choosing between remote call centre-based HR services and a locally based HR consultancy, organisations must consider service delivery, personalisation, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. 
While remote call centre-based services excel in efficiency and cost-effectiveness for routine tasks, locally based HR consultancies offer personalised support, strategic guidance, and advice in context. 
The optimal choice depends on your organisation's unique requirements, priorities, and the level of customisation and comprehensive support desired. Often, the need for more comprehensive HR consultancy comes at points of change, such as when business grows, or new managers are appointed. 
The reality is that many organisations will choose to have both solutions in place – a small regular contract for on-site or telephone-based transactional HR support, that can flex up and down to on-site HR consultancy when required. This hybrid solution is what Humber HR People offer. 
For more information on Humber HR People’s solutions, check out our Pay As You Go, On Demand and Project Services at www.humberhrpeople.co.uk 
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