Leadership Development & Executive Coaching 
We have the expertise to help turn Managers into Leaders 
Often it's managers themselves that need support to become the very best leaders they can be. We provide bespoke programs to coach managers to be authentic, open, honest and with lead with energy. 
Maybe your organisation: 
Is a small business with ambitious growth plans?  
Has an established management team, facing a period of upheaval and change?  
Has recently promoted managers, looking to develop their skill and expertise in getting the very best from their team? 
Or maybe as a manager yourself, you are looking for effective personal executive coaching? 
Our qualified and experienced Leadership Development specialists can help you get the best from your people. And boost the bottom line. 
All it takes is some focused action – we’ll provide the focus and you commit to action! 

Case Study - Leadership Development in Action  

Our Bespoke Leadership Development Programs are delivered in a confidential setting by Alice Ackroyd, FCIPD, Associate Director of Leadership Development. Here is an example of the work Alice has done with a business with an ambitious growth plan to becomes the leading provider of Occupational Health and Wellbeing services in the North East. 

Newcastle Premier Health Limited  www.newcastlepremierhealth.com 

When Mark Philpott, Managing Director, joined the business in 2016 he and the founding partners invited the whole team to join them on Newcastle Premier Health’s growth journey. They knew that tapping into their expertise and enthusiasm for doing things authentically, openly, honestly and with energy would give NPH the competitive edge. 
Mark invited Alice to work with him to help bring the vision alive and encourage everyone to build a One Team culture …and they did. 
The Program: 
Alice started by focussing the team on the three key ingredients of a successful business, the Business Goals, the Team and the Client. They learnt how each department, whether clinical or support, are essential to delivering outcomes. They believe that ‘If it is not right for their clients, it is not right for NPH’. 
Over the course of 3 successive Team Build events the whole team have built departmental relationships, learnt to value specialisms and agreed acceptable working behaviours. Through these events they have learnt about the value of collaboration, how personality influences working relationships and how culture can chew performance up or deliver results. 
Through this they have developed a culture where it is acceptable to challenge and hold people to account in a productive and respectful manner. 
Alice is working with the emerging management team, whose departments are growing both in complexity and geographically, bringing with it the challenge of ensuring everyone is focused on clear objectives and empowered to act. Using a Program written specifically for the client, '5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team' based on Patrick Lencioni’s work. 
The Outcomes 
Mark Philpot commented of the ongoing relationship:  
Alice has become a long standing and trusted friend of NPH who has taken the time to understand the culture of the organisation and the aims and objectives of our growth plans. 
As a result, she has been able to offer a truly personal programme of activity over the last two years which has helped enormously with the cultural development of our team. 
We are really looking forward to the next phase using the 5 Behaviours which will feel like a deep dive into unlocking our full potential. 
For a confidential discussion about how developing your leaders can boost your bottom line, please get in touch 
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