Organisational Strategy is one of the 6 elements of Humber HR People’s Growth HR Model™  
For most SME organisations, the cost of labour is the single biggest monthly bill. 
The ONS latest numbers are that average wage costs are £22.80 per hour in the UK, or over £44,000 per year, per employee*. This cost is increasing as wage pressures, talent shortages and the national minimum wage rise. Having a proactive plan is vital to manage the cost of labour and get the maximum possible return. 
A good and well-thought-out organisational strategy sits alongside your business plan and ensures business goals are met. Without a clear organisational strategy, it can be very easy to get off track and waste time and money. 
An organisational strategy should include your organisation chart, roles, and responsibilities, and can touch on restructuring, outsourcing, and developing management structures. It ensures you have the right people, in the right place, with a clear understanding of how they contribute to the overall business success. 
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Organisational Strategy is just one of the 6 core elements of the Growth HR Model™ 
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