At Humber HR we believe in simple, effective people strategies that boost your business instead of “small business can be tough.” 
It takes sweat, early mornings late nights, wrong turns, right ways and learning from your mistakes to grow a profitable, productive business. 
As small businesses grow, they hire more people, promote them, maybe even bring them back from Furlough, adapt job roles and responsibilities. With these changes come new challenges, especially around productivity. Most business owners know that it’s vital that your employees care as passionately about your customers, products and delivery as you do. 
You want and need them to give that extra 10% of discretionary effort when it counts – to answer that late-in-the-day call from a key customer, to cover for a colleague, to find that solution, to have your back on the difficult days. That’s what great businesses are built on. 
Now that we are all over the summer (sunshine or not) holidays and back to work post-furlough, productivity should be the top of the list. 
September is that golden month in the year when we can do an intentional re-set, look at what we have planned for the rest of the year and take action because we can see that there is not actually much of this year left! 
With this mind, our events and guides theme until December is productivity and your people. 
This will start with managing in, the informal with our event – Can I Have a Word? – on 16th September. 
Join Kellie Calvert to hear about a clear, simple framework for informal conversations with your people that boost engagement and cohesive working. 
To join, click here 
In November, we will have an invite-only event focussing on Probation and Performance Reviews. 
This means finding each employee’s strengths, trusting their expertise, and making the most of their abilities when they join. And for your long-standing employees, empowering them to succeed with meaningful work supporting your business goals and objectives. 
In addition to our Director’s Breakfasts, we will also support you and your managers with a series of free blogs and guides on managing informally, probation reviews, performance conversations and more. 
Ready to make the rest of 2021 count? 
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