A 5 minute read on Protecting your IP when Employing Developers and Contractors for our clients in the Tech Sector! 
A lot of capital, time and energy is invested when developing new technology and as a Company you want to ensure that you are in control of your intellectual property.  
Below are 6 tips from our Associate Director of HR, Kellie Calvert, for employing developers and contractors, to help ensure that you remain in control: 
1. Ensure that all contracts of employment or contractor service agreements have clear Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, Data Protection clauses that state who the IP belongs to. 
2. Have a termination clause that explicitly states that all IP must be returned to the Company upon termination of contract by either party. 
3. Ensure that any Restrictive Covenant clauses are clear and explicitly state what and how any restrictions apply. 
4. Make sure that you have a signed agreement in place prior to the commencement of any work. 
5. If you employ contractors, ensure that they really are contractors and not workers or employees. Always check their status on www.gov.uk. Otherwise you could be liable for penalties. 
6. The safest way to protect your IP is to retain and develop your own staff. The best way to achieve this is to set the foundations of a good employment relationship by: 
i. Having employment T&C’s in place from day one 
ii. Ensuring your policies and procedures support good working practices and work life balance 
iii. Create a working environment that empowers individuals by giving them the tools and autonomy to do their best 
iv. Provide the framework for personal development through regular feedback, appraisals, coaching and support for professional development. 
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