In this HR Snapshot we look at 4 ways to strengthen a culture fit to survive change.... 
Some Thoughts from Kellie Calvert, Associate Director of HR. Often businesses are so busy focusing on external factors, like sales targets or customer satisfaction, or they simply just grow too fast, that they forget to focus on their most important asset, their people. It's easy to overlook “culture”, but it plays a very real role in shaping businesses that survive and thrive through change. Here is your latest 5 minute read on shaping a culture fit for survival: 
1. Motivate Your Employees: Making sure that you have a clearly defined company mission and strategy will create a clear picture of what the organisation wants to achieve and breaking this down into manageable objectives, communicated through regular appraisals will ensure that people know what their job purpose is and that they will feel their individual contribution is valued. 
2. Develop Your Leaders: Do your managers demonstrate the behaviours that create a positive culture? Do they practice a good work life balance by leaving on time and making their own well-being a priority? Being a good leader may not come naturally to some people, so perhaps it’s time to start looking at coaching opportunities or creating support networks. Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. 
3. Challenge Your Processes: Are processes transparent, do they support employees, working practices and the overall business strategy? Look at your structure, does the workflow support the achievement of your business goals or hinder the performance of employees by creating unnecessary barriers? 
4. Support Employee Health & Well-being: Happy engaged staff drives up productivity. Pay people fairly and reward them for their hard work. Have a budget set aside for initiatives that really support your employees and show how much you value them. Show them that you care as an employer. 
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