Several of our clients have been making plans to bring back Furloughed employees, and we created this list to help them. It isn't exhaustive but is a good guide to best practice and helping the tranistion back to work go as smoothly and risk-free as possible. For a free PDF copy, please email  
Returning to Work After Lockdown Checklist 
1. Review, Check and Update:  
Updated government guidance and implement measures required to ensure a COVID-19 secure workplace 
Annual leave procedures to plan how to manage requests over the rest of the year. Update annual leave policy and procedures to account for the ability to carry leave over 
General leave policies/ procedures including sick leave. Ensure employees understand the expectations for reporting absence, including situations where they contract Covid-19 or are self-isolating  
Check policies/ procedures related to work/ break times and clock in/ out and consider if shifts may need to be staggered 
Travel policies, including both business and personal travel, and consider if changes need to be made in line with government guidance  
2. Consider and Decide:  
If any staff can continue to work remotely 
Consider and decide which roles are required initially, as these are more likely to be business critical, core employees. If it is necessary to bring back a proportion of employees in the same role, ensure any decision as to who is brought back is objective and not discriminatory 
3. Communicate:  
Draft relevant communications to ensure that everyone receives the appropriate message and understands expectations on returning 
Contact employees to advise them when they will be required to return to work/to the workplace/ remain on furlough, if applicable, in the event that phased returns are required 
Ensure staff are aware of any new health and safety provisions that have been put into place 
Ensure all staff are aware of the right to request flexible working, and that this will be considered if business need can permit 
Have pre-return to work conversations with each member of staff to ascertain their personal circumstances and whether there are any impediments to their return. Consider whether further adjustments to your return plans are necessary to accommodate for employees who may need them. 
4. Keep Updated and On Top of the Situation:  
Look out for changes to the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which may allow you to bring furloughed employees back on a part time basis and still obtain assistance with wage costs.  
Sensitively check on employees’ mental health condition and offer appropriate support - don't forget your managers and taking time out for yourself, too  
Ensure employees are aware of arrangements for their first day back and of requirement to stick to health and safety measures implemented 
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