Often, the best-laid recruitment plans can be derailed by what seems at the time as small, significant details. These "moments of truth" can make or break a deal between the hiring business and their ideal candidate. 
Here are the top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them: 
Mistake 1. One Star Ratings. Reputation, as they say, is everything. Before you start any recruitment campaign check Glassdoor, Feefo, and Google Reviews and make sure they represent your business honestly and positively. 
Mistake 2. Not knowing what you want. Spend time to consider and define what you need. Have an agreed job description, and know what is essential and where you can compromise. Be realistic. Take time to consider the essential skills that you need (which can’t be taught) versus the knowledge you need (which can be learned). 
Mistake 3. "I can interview between 1 pm and 3 pm on the 2nd". Great candidates will not be prepared to lie to attend an interview. Show your flexibility, especially at the getting to know you stage. 
Mistake 4. Ignoring the fine details. Ask for the candidate's current package including holidays, perks, bonuses, and notice period, and why they are considering a move at the very first stage. Also check in with them about other roles they are considering, and how their current employer might react if they left. You will need all of this again if you are negotiating later on. 
Mistake 5. Losing on penalties. The more contact you maintain post-offer, the better. Don't let your waiting employee have their head turned at the 11th hour. 
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